Posted by: inzwakazi | November 8, 2011

Behind Bars




A 9 to 5 prisoner

Doing time 5 days a week

Toiling through my days

Putting 2, getting -1

My judge making  his millions



No parole

No mercy

The best years of my life

Spend slaving for banks



Hands calloused

Can’t even afford a bed

My bread, my sweat

Can’t even taste the sweat



If this is Karma

I might as well be a murderer

Payback takes time

But revenge is sweet



Freedom, an illusion

Illuminates every morning

Clock time is here

Better be on time



A  jail-bird

In four air-conditioned walls

A four cornered computer screen

My window to the world



  1. yup for everyone not born rich………………

  2. Yep!

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