About this blog

This blog was started as a class exercise on a lesson on internet journalism. Before that I had could not navigate wordpress at all. To me it was the most complicated blog site. Class helped, a bit. I have just realised that I still have lot to learn about wordpress. The good thing is that I am not intimidated by this site anymore. I explore it with more ease than I did before.


The initial purpose of the blog is to be a profile in my trying to set my foot into the media world, which I have already started. I am hoping to that within the next two years it will have taken shape and marketable.


I love writing obviously, but writing poems comes more naturally to me. So there might be more poetry than anything else. I need to work on “other” content though, like short stories and anything that will improve my writing skills.


So this is it fellows, a blog, my space to be me and explore my talents.


  1. You make ıt look so easy. Thınk you were born for thıs. The paın, scratched mıne, and made me remember that ıt ıs my paın. Love ıt.

    • Thank you Zan. For being a loyal reader and a frriend. I am truly grateful. Love ya!

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