Posted by: inzwakazi | February 8, 2013

I live for…

I live for

Unfulfilled dreams

I live for

Unreached territories

I live for the defeated

The lonely, the scarred, the battered


I live to show 

That out of the dust

Something majestic rises


Posted by: inzwakazi | January 22, 2013

No words

I keep it in the contours of my mind

Convince myself that if I don’t say it

Maybe it’s not true


I keep quiet

…quiet very quiet


No air must get the whip of it…

Posted by: inzwakazi | January 15, 2013

Things that afflict

you wake with it

trodding along

through out the day

like a life-long friend

never leaving your side

takes you to work

rides with you

knocks off with you

’till you forget its there

then you wonder

where, when,how

…things that afflict

Posted by: inzwakazi | December 12, 2012

… loved you

it was like

fresh spring water

in the streams of my being


it washed over me

made the lilies on the side

of my rivulets sprout like morning sun


it refreshed me

like ice cold water

at noon’s summer’s day


I felt whole

I felt you

I felt love


Posted by: inzwakazi | December 4, 2012

You lied

You told me I was not good enough

I almost believed you

You told me to give up

I nodded and agreed


You told me to shrivel and die

Lie in the corner and disappear

Hypnotised me to despondency

Your word was gospel to me

I bowed to your beckoning


I believed you 

Thought you were God

Embraced you

Loved you

Gave you all of me

…You lied


Posted by: inzwakazi | October 25, 2012

I wanted…

i said i wanted

the moon and the stars

i said i want

the galaxies

all but no less

i opened myself up

for greatness so big

did not care about

the prize, the price

did not see

that to gain

you have to lose

i wanted

i am getting

Posted by: inzwakazi | October 25, 2012

Together and Forever

We were going to

Dazzle them

Together, show ‘em



Together you did not want

Together too high a call

Together too pricey

…I guess


Somewhere yonder

Is a together

Worth the price

The pain, the torment

The agony


We had our forever

It made my hands glow

Set my heart alight


It blinded you

Threatened to scar your hands

If you could only believe..

In together and forever

Posted by: inzwakazi | October 11, 2012


men made laws

obeyed by their makers

perfected by the rest

try this, try that

this works, that works

try it all

then throw hands in the air

well then?

man made rules

watched by gatekeepers

perfect over years

work for those

who make them

Posted by: inzwakazi | October 11, 2012


A friend will not try to change you

Will not assume

Will wait

And know

Posted by: inzwakazi | October 11, 2012

Just Sometimes…

Sometimes its so clear, you can see right through it.

Sometimes its so foggy hope seems like an illusion

And sometimes, just sometimes

You wake up hoping

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